What are Factory Recommended Services?

If you own a vehicle, you may have heard the term “factory recommended services” before from your dealership or local auto repair shop. While some vehicle owners who are particularly good with vehicle maintenance may completely understand the term, there are some out there who aren’t sure exactly what this refers to.    Factory recommended services refers to maintenance items that are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. These recommendations are based on a number of things, including keeping warranties valid, making sure your vehicle stays reliable on the road, keeping you safe at all times, and helping you protect the overall integrity of your vehicle. These services are also planned out in order to help save you money on repairs over time.    If you take a look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you will find a list of factory recommended services for your specific vehicle, along with specific mileage or time intervals on when ... read more

Preparing for the Extreme Cold this Winter

The Midwest is receiving extremely cold temperatures this time of year, and it is important that everyone is properly educated on how to prepare for this extreme cold and what actions can be taken beforehand to keep you safe and warm. When it comes to the extreme cold, rain and ice, and the snow, being prepared and aware of safety precautions will help you get through the season without trouble. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the extreme cold this winter.    Try to stay indoors and avoid going outside during extremely cold or below freezing temperatures. When the weather is very cold, you are more at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. If possible, try to stay indoors and keep your home heated or keep the fireplace going. Staying inside will help you avoid the risk that can come with cold weather and will also keep you safe in other aspects as well.    Be sure that you have the proper clothing to prepare for the cold weather, especially if you will need ... read more

Happy New Year from Weaver's Auto Repair

It’s that time again, where we think about the goals that we want to make for the new year. While you may be thinking the usual, such as being on time more often, visiting family, or going to the gym more often, you may not have considered making a resolution or two for your vehicle. Here are some resolution ideas that you can make for your car to keep you safe on the road into 2019!   Clean Out your Car   Cleaning out the inside of your vehicle will help you to feel more organized and give your car that new car feeling! A clutter car can make it difficult to feel comfortable while driving, especially for passengers.   Schedule your Vehicle Maintenance Deadlines in your Planner   The most important part of owning a vehicle is staying current with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance and services. If you have a planner or calendar, jotting down dates of your upcoming services will help you keep track of when it’s time to bring your vehicle i ... read more

Is Your Vehicle Safe for Winter?

Winter is among us and the weather is becoming much colder, turning rain into snow and making our daily driving just a little more difficult. In order to keep safe on the road during the winter season, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is in top condition and properly maintained for winter weather. Here are some maintenance tips to follow to make sure that your vehicle is safe for winter driving.   Make sure your heater and defroster are working properly. Your heater will ensure that you and your passengers are kept comfortable while on the road. Your vehicle’s defroster is also extremely important when it comes to defrosting your windshields to be able to see clearly and safely.   Be sure to have a regular vehicle inspection performed. Getting stuck on the road in the winter can be a huge hassle. A regular vehicle inspection before the winter will help catch any issues while they are small and keep your vehicle running in top condition throughout the ... read more

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